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We are here to get the membership registration from IPRS on your behalf, So music creators get paid for their work and give music users easy ways to legally play and copy what they like. Royalties keep the music coming and secure the industry’s future. 

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Membership Requirement

1. Application Form Fill Up Instructions

  • The Application Form along with the Additional Information sheet duly filled & submitted online. The Complete Form should be filled in Capital Letters only.

2. Fees Details

  • One Time Application Processing Fees for Author, Composer and their Legal Heir is Rs.5000/-. and for Publisher it is Rs.6,000/-. The amount is to be paid Online.
  • KINDLY NOTE: Payment accepted Online.

3. Required Documents

  • Photo/Pdf of PAN card (Mandatory). In case of Partnership / Pvt. Ltd Company – PAN of the Company is required

4. Photo Proof

  • Photo /Pdf of AADHAR card (Mandatory for individuals)

5. Address Proof

  • Passport /Driving License / Voter ID / Leave License pdf.
  • Notarize letter from original owner of property with his electricity bill attached as proof of tenancy (if staying as PAYING GUEST (P G) or Staying with Relative/Acquaintance).
  • In Case of Company (Partnership/Pvt Ltd Company) copy of Leave License agreement/ Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill in the name of the Company.

6. Color Photographs.

  • Color Passport Photos in standard size. 

7. Work Notification Forms for each Musical Work (minimum ONE released /published):

  • For Film – CD Inlays or Digital Release (Page Print Screen) with all credits & links.
  • For Non Film Album- CD Inlays or Digital Release (Page Print Screen) with all credits & links.
  • For Back Ground Music Score [Film (including Animated Films)/TV Serial/Web Series] – Letter from Production House/Channel or CD of Video Clip with Rolling Title of Name Credits and Cue Sheets.
  • For Advertising (Jingle / Logos / Channels ID / Theme Music for Events) – Letter from Advertising Agency/Advertiser/Production House certifying authorship and CD of Video Clip of Advertisement).

8. Bank Account Number and Account Holder Document

  • Photo /PDF of your bank passbook / bank statement (latest) with Account name, address, Account No, etc. (duly verified & attested by Bank.)
  • Letter from the bank certifying the bank account in name of the Firm with detail such as:-
  • Date of opening of account.
  • Name of the proprietor.
  • GST Registration No. (If applicable).
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation Certificate of the company.
  • Chairman or one of the Director/s or Authorized Person is the Signatories to the Application Form with the Company Rubber Stamp.
  • Extract of Board Resolution (on the Company letter head Signed by all the Directors) specifying the name of the Director/Authorized Person who would sign the Application Form representing the Company in all matters at IPRS and sign the Assignment Deed on behalf of the Company with the Company Rubber Stamp.
  • GST Registration No. (Mandatory).
  • Last Audited Balance Sheet.
  • Partnership Deed.
  • Letter (on the letter head of company) signed by all Partners specifying name of the Partner/s or Authorized Person who would sign the Application Form representing the Firm in all matters at IPRS and sign the Assignment Deed on behalf of the Firm with the Company Rubber Stamp.
  • GST Registration No. (Mandatory).
  • Last Audited Balance Sheet.
  • Death Certificate.
  • Probated Will or Succession Certificate or Legal Heir Certificate issued by competent Court.
  • Bank Verification of the Applicant (Legal Heirs) Signature from the bank.
  • If Author Applicant has released FILM Work / TV Serial/Advertising Jingles/Web Series,then such applicant will be required to submit documents (work proof) along with duly filled & signed work notification form (please refer point no. 7 above).
  • If Publisher Applicant has FILM Work / TV Serial/Advertising Jingles/Web Series, then such applicant will be considered with one additional condition of Registered Company with PAN & GST Registration (if eligible) with Audited Balance Sheet to be provided.
  • Internet presence of the applicant must to be available.
  • YouTube release of the Music.
  • Work released on SAAVAN/GAANA/HUNGAMA/ITunes/ Spotify or any other aggregator/streaming platform.
  • Physical Release of CD Inlays.


  • The applicant should fulfill at least 2 of the above criteria. In case any applicant doesn’t fulfill any 2 criteria than the application can be considered for review & will be subject to Member’s Committee discretion exclusively (if find fit/ eligible/ prudent/ credible / genuineness of work created)
  • Please be informed, once we receive all the documents related to membership as mentioned above (fulfilling additional criteria’s as may be laid down in timely manner by the Membership Committee). Membership Committee would scrutinize the application & give approval if found fit & legitimate.
  • On approval of application, we will send the Assignment Deed (Franked) & Indemnity Bond (Franked) for execution (sign) to the Applicant. On receiving both the Executed (Signed) Legal Paper, Assignment Deed will be send for execution by the Directors.
  • An Assignment Deed duly signed will be sent to the Applicant along with Member Admittance Letter for records.

You can join IPRS if you are a music publisher, author or composer. For Online Membership Application, click below: